Treasure Hunter Claire Review: What You Can Expect.

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What happens when humans are left only with demons to defend their world from monsters? The answer is simple – Steam’s Treasure Hunter Claire. There’s a war to collect a wish-granting treasure and Claire, the centerpiece of our fictional battleground, must team up with demons to help bring the magical treasure to life.

But it won’t be easy.

Should you play Treasure Hunter Claire? Read our review.

Treasure Hunter Claire Review Basics

Looking for a fun, not too serious, NSFW gaming experience?

Look no further than Steam’s Treasure Hunter Claire, an adult game that features vibrant characters and graphics and a decent science fiction script.

Kagura Games launched Treasure Hunter Claire in the summer of 2018. Its been a relative hit on Steam ever since.

With Monsters assaulting the fictional world of Alstroemeria, Claire travels to the land with the intention of stopping them from destroying it. Claire is undoubtedly the game’s protagonist.

Claire meets many locals of the town who guide her and help support her efforts.

To begin, you’ll simply select new game. Then, there’s an explanation regarding why humans and monsters remain at war. The demons, as bizarre as this sounds, side with Claire and the humans as a way to protect the world.

To navigate Alstroemeria, you’ll use a simple map that’s flanked by constant dialogue.

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You’ll navigate the town, meet with shop owners and other residents. You must confirm what’s real and what’s rumor. You collect riches along the way.

Alstroemeria is considered the biggest city of Claire’s world. In a way, Claire is a small towner attempting to navigate the big city.

Claire’s full body and curvacious avatar always overlay the screen. Claire will need to find living quarters right away. She’ll meet Arietta, who will serve to help her find her way. Arietta and Claire discuss sneaking dudes into the quarters where she will live, hence, the adult NSFW part of this gaming experience. You thought it was just the busty character designs?

The entire plot revolves around finding a magical treasure.

There’s a ton of dialogue in Treasure Hunter Claire, but little animation to support it. The mouths and eyes sometimes move, but not in sync. That should be noted. The animation only happens when you navigate the mapping and its pretty arcade style.

That said, the dialogue itself is rich and offers depth in conversations.

Treasure Hunter Claire Graphics

Treasure Hunter Claire graphics pop from the screen by way of brilliant colors and vibrant, eclectic characters. Claire, of course, offers us a busty portrayal of cuteness. Her eyes mostly overshadow her curvaceous anime features.

All the settings reflect detailed artistry. There’s a variety of outfits used, including that of Playboy Bunny attire. The graphics are what make Treasure Hunter Claire a fun, lighthearted gaming experience. And they are why Treasure Hunter Claire remains so popular on Steam’s gaming network.

Treasure Hunter Claire graphics are fun, wondrous, and of course, a bit flirtatious in design. You sense the effort put into them at every curve and in all the supporting backdrops. Some of the scenes feel as though they pop from your screen depending on your monitor’s resolution.

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  • Treasure Hunter Claire only works on Windows.
  • Its a single-player gaming experience.
  • It works with Steam’s cloud.
  • You can expect a total size of 1.1 GIGs.

Final Thoughts

Treasure Hunter Claire is a fun Steam adult game. Its graphics are colorful and flirtatious at all points. The script isn’t bad given its a fictional world created from thin air. There’s a point to the script that keeps you occupied enough to continue play.

Both the running dialogue and graphics make this game a top adult Steam game. There’s definitely a lot of thought and effort put into both aspects of Treasure Hunter Claire.

Navigating the map is mostly an arcade style experience. There’s little to no animation in characters during dialogue. If there are downsides to Treasure Hunter Claire, that’s them. But the game doesn’t sell itself as animation heavy and honestly, this helps it load more efficiently on most modern devices.

Treasure Hunter Claire is lighthearted and never a heavy play. You can pick up on gameplay in a matter of minutes, so there is no learning curve whatsoever. Just hit new game and get going, that’s it!