Helldivers 2 Dominates Steam: Now Biggest Launch Ever

hell divers 2 feature image

Launching a game on Steam is a big deal. For PlayStation, they seem to have the magic formula for launch success that other gaming industry folks might learn from. The proof is in the pudding. And by pudding, we mean the Helldivers 2 Steam launch that’s blowing everything away.

Infamous 3rd person shooter game Helldivers launched on Thursday. Today, its the company’s biggest Steam launch ever.

At it’s peak, it hit 80k+ in concurrent players only a single day following launch. It dropped to about 66k this weekend. But that’s some unimaginable plays, folks.

In case you’re wondering, the previous best was God of War in 2018 that held strong at 73k. So yes, Helldivers 2 didn’t “kind of” triumph in connections, it absolutely dominated.

What’s PlayStations Plan on Steam?

Well, for statrters, PlayStation just started launching games outside of PlayStation 5, so many of these Steam releases are far past the actual console release dates.

That is, until they launched Helldivers 2 on both PS5 and PC/Steam at the same time. This simultaneous launch likely fired up fans and potentially signaled a new way forward for PlayStation launches. But time will tells.

That said, the actual launch wasn’t great. There were bugs, something Steam reviewers noted. A big issue revolved around Nprotect Gamegauard which protects the integrity of the game. Fortunately, a patch was released to help smooth things over. Currently, folks aren’t experiencing a whole lot of problems – may that continue.

Helldivers 2 Graphics

Helldivers 2 ramped up its graphics experience signifigantly. Vibrant, immersive, and chaotic best describe the visual experiences throughout the game.

Here’s a cool fact: Helldivers 2 automatically adjust setting based on your hardware so that the graphics have the most impact on your device. Essentially, we’re talking about the frame rate of 50 to 6 fps.

All graphics are of high texture quality. You’ll find deep reflection quality and dope medium shadow usage.

That said, expect some device demand. Helldivers 2 graphics eat resources particularly when using 1080p. But alas, that’s the gig.

I mean, look at this visually impressive experience:

Helldivers 2 is breaking records on Steam for a reason. That reason is that the game is just flat out exciting, has crazy cool graphics, and is fun to play in groups.