Niko Bellic: A Deep Dive into GTA IV’s Protagonist

We tend to revere and admire the creation of characters in movies and TV. Henry Hill, the main character in Goodfellas, is one of movie lands most memorable character experiences. The same goes for Clark Griswold in the National Lampoons franchise.

But what about gaming?

We often fail to give credit where credit is due for character development in popular games. We’ll course correct today by diving into the intricacies of one of gaming’s most popular protagonist, Niko Bellic from GTA IV.

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Beyond the Controller: How Video Games Become Art

It wasn’t that long ago that video games were considered an immature way to pass time. However, the times, they’ve sure changed.

The video gaming industry is a billion dollar venture that shows no indications of slowing. References and influence from video games can be found in pop culture far and wide, including popular movies and TV shows, and even music.

Let’s have a look at the multifaceted role that video games play in our modern society as works of art.

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So, What The Heck Are ‘Easter Eggs’ In Gaming?

We’ll be honest here, there’s not a lot of Easter eggs found in adult or NSFW games. I mean, in a way, the Easter egg is in many ways the taboo aspect of the content. But in more mainstream gaming (we use that term loosely all things considered), the concept of Easter eggs play a fascinating role in the game’s play.

So what exactly are Easter eggs in games and how do we find them?

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The Mystwood Manor Review You’ve Been Waiting For

Mystwood Manor is a popular adult game. The core theme of the game is to manage a hotel. That sounds boring, of course, but the gameplay is quite hectic. There’s a lot going on. In our Mystwood Manor review, we’ll break it all down.

Oh, you need to be 18 years of age and older to play this game. You’ve been served.

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A Review of Steam’s ‘She Will Punish Them’

You’re looking for a dark, maybe even demonic, and of course, intense, Succubus themed fantasy game. We know you are because you’ve found our She Will Punish Them review. She Will Punish Them is one of Steam’s more popular dark gaming experiences and its ripe with a sultry evil and domination aspect that you can’t stop playing.

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An In-Depth Review of Steam’s MILFs of Sunville

Steam continues it’s furious takeover of adult games. At least, of the paid variety (mostly). This time it’s MILFs of Sunville, an action and adventure adult / NSFW game. You definitely need be 18+ to play this one, folks. In our MILFs of Sunville review, we’ll look over the plot, graphics and more.

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RuneScape Review: Is This Game Still Relevant?

RuneScape was one of the biggest games in MMORPG. At one time, you could depend on massive amounts of simultaneous connections. Released in 2001, the game’s developer Jagex has amassed over 300 million accounts. Moreover, RuneScape is a free game.

Our RuneScape review dives into how relevant that game is today.

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Can You Slay The Succubus in Steam’s Last Evil?

Imagine having to awaken a monstrous, powerful demon? Now, further imagine you must do this while traversing a dimly lit dungeon. Yeah, sounds scary, right? In Steam’s Last Evil, that’s exactly the mission your tasked with and it is as scary as it sounds.

In our Last Evil review, we’ll walk you through this nightmare scenario and you can decide if it’s worth playing.

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