The Future of Gaming: What Can We Expect?

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Gaming is one of the biggest entertainment mediums in the world. There’s a lot of money in gaming, which in turn means there’s a ton of innovation happening on the backside. And this is all shaping the future of gaming. What type of advancements can we look forward to?

Blockchains and NFTs

Hey, remember these?

Yeah, they were all the rage for a handful of years. But now we don’t hear much. However, despite lesser interests these days, NFTs and blockchain technology still have their place in the potential future of gaming.

They could introduce new ways to own, trade, and sell digital assets, making in-game items more valuable and unique. When we consider that cloud gaming has blurred the lines of who owns what, there might be more motivations on the consumer side to make this technology happen.

So buzzwords aside, blockchain tech and NFTs may come back around in a rather heroine way.


Gaming is nothing without the hardware that drives it.

The next generation of consoles and gaming PCs are becoming incredibly powerful. They support super high resolutions, faster frame rates, and more detailed game worlds. There’s even some buzz that the new PS5 Pro will dominate in the graphics arena like nothing we’ve seen before.

Cross-Platform Play

If you game a lot, and we suspect you do given your reading an adult gaming blog, then you know how annoying it can be to partake in anything cross-platform related.

But alas, good news.

There’s a growing trend towards cross-platform gaming, allowing players on different gaming platforms (e.g., PC, consoles, mobile devices) to play together. This inclusivity promotes a more unified gaming community.

Cloud Gaming

We mentioned cloud gaming earlier in our blog, but in a bit of a negative light. That’s because cloud gaming has ushered in a time where we aren’t sure who owns a game. Like, do you really own your games if the gaming platform can simply remove it on a whim?

But that doesn’t mean that cloud gaming isn’t a big bold frontier in the industry.

Cloud gaming already nullifies out some need for robust hardware, allowing more people to play popular games without breaking the bank on a massive PC.

NVIDIA, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and GeForce NOW are all gaining traction in this industry and could drive revolutionary change.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Because of course no future of gaming editorial would make any sense if it didn’t include VR and AR.

VR and AR are becoming more mainstream by the day. These technologies continue to advance in areas such as medicine and the workforce. But in gaming, where consumers have high expectations for potent graphics, AR and VR stand to upend everything.

In gaming, the more immersive the experience, the more sought after the experience. So it stands to reason that there’s a massive push to make VR and AR not only happen today, but drive us into the future of gaming.

AI and Machine Learning

We know many of you are sick of hearing about Artificial Intelligence or “AI.”

But you can’t escape it.

Best we could do was put it last on our list.

AI is being used to create more dynamic and responsive game worlds, with NPCs (non-player characters) that can learn and adapt to player actions. This could lead to more personalized gaming experiences and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Imagine walking up to an NPC and having a full on dynamic conversation. That’s what AI will likely bring to the table It will be a bold and welcome change that helps make the entire gaming environment way more immersive.