These Bad Ass Gaming Headphones Are Less Than $50

Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset review

Gamers are cheap. That’s OK, we get it. Buying the core components for gaming can break your bank. Luckily, we have free porn games around these parts, but that’s not always everyone’s jam.

Sometimes, we need more. But we don’t want to pay more. Headphones are an intrical component in gaming, whether its virtual reality or 3D or RPG or a blend of all; you need immersive sound if you want your gaming experience to go next-level.

Meet the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset. It’s dope. It’s cheap. It’s gorgeous. And best of all, I’m not paid to tell you any of this. This is just gamer bro to gamer bro love.

I know how stressful it can be when your porn gaming audio is lackluster. But I also understand the stress of watching your bank account melt away. So when I see affordable solutions that solve problems, I convey that message.

Meet the Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset. They cost less than $50, are available on Amazon, and look pretty dope.

Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Their fancy design, earpopping audio, and long battery life at a sub-$50 price point makes them a head turner. They also have noise reduction, which rocks, because exterior noise while gaming blows.

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I would say that today, these are the best gamer headphones for the price. They certainly aren’t the best gamer headphones, but when you consider the price point, you can’t beat them.

Lenovo is a quality brand.

Out of the box you’ll get some paperwork, a charger container, and a cable that connects to the charger container.

They turn on easily and quickly with a simple tap.

Check out Stone Master Kevin’s Youtube review.

Again, this is just one bro to another bro giving you the digs on a way to save money for your expensive gaming habit.


The Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset is ripe with modern features which is particularly exciting given their low price point.

  • 5.0 Bluetooth chip
  • Noise reduction
  • Connects up to 10 meters
  • HIFI fever sound quality
  • AAC audio coding
  • 6 hours active battery time

Bad ass headphones ramp up the immersive gaming experience. Whether you dig the porn games or more vanilla experiences, a good audio set up vastly upgrades the fun. The Lenovo LP6 TWS Bluetooth Gaming Headset are a super cheap option (less than $50) that offer high-end quality and appeal.

So if you’re on a budget, check them out on Amazon or wherever you shop.