Tesla Drivers May Be Playing Games While They Drive

telsa passenger play gaming

The days of autopilot automobiles can’t get here soon enough. Given that we already have a public crisis with drunken and texting drivers, adding on gaming and driving may push us over the proverbial edge.

Yep, gaming and driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into Tesla for it’s “passenger play” feature which allows screen usage in the Tesla. Originally, passenger play only worked while the car was in park. But now, according to new reports, passenger play works while the car is in a driving gear.

The investigation covers Tesla electric cars to the tune of 500,000 plus. All of the models range in production dates from 2017 to 2022. In other words, these are new fancy Teslas that may be gamer-enabled.

The investigation claims that using the passenger play feature while driving might serve as a dangerous distraction. Who knew that playing a porn game while rolling in your Tesla could create problems?

porn game

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The investigation claims that passenger play operating during driving may be a defect that’s been active since December of 2020.

The investigation “to evaluate the driver distraction potential of Tesla ‘Passenger Play’ while the vehicle is being driven.”

The conclusion here should be obvious, at least I’d think.

And this could be bad news for Tesla. If the investigation finds that passenger play doesn’t work safely, a Tesla recall may be imminent. This could be extremely costly to Tesla. Although, they claim to have a lot of DOGE, so hey, they can cover this.

The bro who filed the complain, Portland resident Vince Patton, claims he saw a viral video on Youtube of another bro Tesla’ing and gaming and driving.

“I was just dumbfounded that, yes, sure enough, this sophisticated video game came up,” said Patton.