Can You Slay The Succubus in Steam’s Last Evil?

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Imagine having to awaken a monstrous, powerful demon? Now, further imagine you must do this while traversing a dimly lit dungeon. Yeah, sounds scary, right? In Steam’s Last Evil, that’s exactly the mission your tasked with and it is as scary as it sounds.

In our Last Evil review, we’ll walk you through this nightmare scenario and you can decide if it’s worth playing.

Steam’s Last Evil – Review Basics

last evil review

Critical Bliss published Last Evil in the summer of 2020. Its been a moderate success since then having grossed around $650,000. On average, those who choose to play Last Evil do so for about 31 hours, which is is a testament to the game’s expansive content. Almost all reviews of Last Evil on Steam or positive.

You’ll pay around $7.49 for it, which isn’t too bad. You can buy it here so long as you are logged into Steam, 18+ years of age, and have your Steam settings set to allow adult content.

Last Evil is a strategy card game that features NSFW content. You’ll traverse a dark, haunted-like dungeon with a mission to awaken a great and powerful Demon. But beware of spells and evil beings and obstacles which will disrupt your end-goal.

Exploring the dungeon can be a pretty terrifying experience giving Last Evil more than a subtle flare of horror game.

Last Evil is supposed to be a parody of Slay the Spire, in case you’re familiar with it. We don’t know much about Slay the Spire, so we can’t draw a comparison. But we don’t think that matters much.

There’s a demonic vibe to all the action sequences.

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Last Evil is a tough play. You’ll use cards as your guide but you can only see about two blocks ahead, so don’t get any ideas on making a direct run for the demon boss. Even if you could see that far ahead, you’d likely get slayed immediately.

You need to progress through mazes which add cards to your deck. More cards equal more power. There’s shops to buy equipment to improve your power. You keep doing this over and over. It should sound familiar because this is how most combat games work.

The action and combat portions of the game are potent and eyepopping. Its very good from a graphics perspective with lots of animations and creativity. Last Evil is a pretty immersive experience.

last evil graphics

Also, you can pretty deeply customize your character. There’s a boob slider, you can change eyes, hair, etc.

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While the graphics are pretty stellar, the 3D aspect isn’t super compelling. We won’t spend a ton of time criticizing that aspect as the game is sub-$8 and the graphics overall are great, but its worth pointing out in case you’re a 3D graphics snob.

There’s tons of adult content. Almost every scene can end in some form of adult content.

There’s a feminine warrior vibe to Last Evil as you’ll play a woman who primarily slays dudes.

Last Evil is a good game at a great price. Its a fun play. But more than that, it isn’t an easy game to beat, hence why the average on hours played is pretty high.