What is Steam’s Genital Jousting and Should You Play It?

genital jousting feature image

When it comes to porn games, there aren’t many surprises. Porn games by default exude the bizarre and odd. But in the case of Genital Jousting, there’s another level unveiled.

In our Genital Jousting review, we peel back some of the layers and try to help you decide if this game is worth paying for, or if you should just hit up free porn games instead.

Genital Jousting | Full Review

My God, what the hell is this?

genital jousting review

At first glance, you think you’re looking at colorful sausages, or balloons complexly hinged together.

But the intellectual, complex aspect falls to the wayside once you recognize cocks and balls merging. ¬†At first sight, this isn’t obvious. But once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Welcome to Genital Jousting, the very definition of a strange porn game.

First, there’s the 1980s throwback feels you get before you realize there’s squirming cock icons before you.

Its sort of arcade-style in presentation. There’s vibrant, screen popping, kaleidoscope colors. It immediately captivates your senses.

So what’s going down?

Actually, the questions should be, what’s going in? Because in order to succeed at Genital Jousting, you must insert your floppy on-screen penis into the ass of another on-screen penis.

I shouldn’t have to declare “on-screen,” but I don’t fully trust the intellect of our readers. Sorry, just being honest.

You can also try out story mode, where you become a penis who is preparing to go to his High School reunion. You’ll be the dick of the ball, as no one has ever said.

Genital Jousting made it’s debut in 2016, during a tumultuous, divisive political landscape. Genital Jousting was the dick bumbling game hero we didn’t know we needed. Actually, most of us still don’t know that we DO NEED IT.

The penis is named John. Because, of course.

John can’t endure sleep anymore because of frequent nightmares that the reunion will go sour. He’s insecure that hot girls and old classmates will make fun of him.

Bizarrely, Genital Jousting reflects on many of our personal High School insecurities. I’m not proclaiming Genital Jousting as therapeutic entirely, but maybe somewhat. Its sort of the popping package bubbles of porn satisfaction. And the story aligns well with our own High School experiences.

You’ve been invited to a reunion. You’ve been nervous. This nervousness conjures up old failures.

You’re this penis, you just didn’t know it.

Now, for the twist (without giving away the end).

The penis is a jerk. But he’s a jerk that doesn’t know he’s a jerk. And you’ll have to help him overcome the issue. He’s not doing himself any favors in the winning of friends category.

Overall, Genital Jousting is a fun play, which is why it gets so much love on Steam. Genital Jousting reviews on Steam are often excellent. Those willing to take the penis-dive are often not let down. And that’s a great thing because we need more porn games that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Genital Jousting Cost

If you’ve made it this far, maybe you’re willing to go further?

Some of you get this gif, some of you don’t. Many of you don’t. Ok, whatever.

All the same, if you’ve read this far, your interest in paying for Genital Jousting is surely peaked.

The price is typically listed at $6.99.

Yep, for just under $7, you can experience a lifetime of dick slinging.


Genital Jousting’s name envokes a sort of parody, awkward spirit. But the game itself is unique and interesting and more fulfilling than you’d think. Its a decent porn game at a decent price. We recommend Genital Jousting if if only for wasting a little time away from your stressful life.