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Zonetan's Audition

Zonetan's Audition stars sexy punk rock hottie Zonetan, looking all sorts of sexy with her purple hair and stockings. This game has you playing through the perspective of a camera guy during Zonetan's audition tape. Right when you see her framed through the camera lens sitting on the casting couch, you know this game is going to be steamy, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. She'll proceed to do it all - get her tits fucked, take facials, fuck black guys, get her pussy fuckced, take it in her asshole, take 2-3+ cocks at a time, take creampies, do anal, suck cock, get fucked by tentacles, get toyed, you name it - this naughty little fuck slut does it. By the time things are over, she'll be soaked head to toe in hot cum, and be smiling with delight about it! The only complaint we really have with this game is it's not really much of a game, per se - it's more of a flash video. But, when the action is this fucking hot, frankly who cares?



FLASH Nannys Day 1

Nannys Day 1

Right not you are not quite sure what it is, but you are finding yourself feeling quite confidently that your nanny is up to something - and you are hel bent on finding out on what it is so that you can then confront her about it later. It will be all up to you to catch this nasty and naughty little slut in the act as she's using her eager and slender fingers all over her soaking wet pussy and her swollen clit. To play Nannys Day 1, each time that the cursor is able to be seen on the screen you will have to carry aout an action using the following controls - a simple click, where you need to find a hot spot on the game screen and click on it, continuing to hold it down in order to make the excitement meter that will pop up fill up alll of the way. Double clicking, where you will like before need to locate a particular hot spot, but this time around when you release the mouse button yet another cursor will then appear, indicating an action that is not yet finished, which gives you a few brief seconds in which you will have to find the second (and in some cases, more than that) hot spots. In addition to these actions, there is also click and move, where you will be finding a hot spot and then clicking on it, and without releasing the mouse button you will move the mouse in the direction of the action in order to trigger it and make it occur. The last move that you will need to utilize as you play the game is referred to as the come and go, which works similar to click and move, but this time around the movement is done in a coming and going type of motion. Those of us out there who like a game that we can sink a lot of time into will love this game - it's quite long - but don't worry, you don't have to complete it all in one long sitting (but trust us when we say that you will find it hard to pull yourself away from this game once you start!) because the developers of it including a very useful save and load feature, which will allow you to pick up where you left off in the game at a later point in time.