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Zonetan's Audition

Zonetan's Audition stars sexy punk rock hottie Zonetan, looking all sorts of sexy with her purple hair and stockings. This game has you playing through the perspective of a camera guy during Zonetan's audition tape. Right when you see her framed through the camera lens sitting on the casting couch, you know this game is going to be steamy, and it definitely doesn't disappoint. She'll proceed to do it all - get her tits fucked, take facials, fuck black guys, get her pussy fuckced, take it in her asshole, take 2-3+ cocks at a time, take creampies, do anal, suck cock, get fucked by tentacles, get toyed, you name it - this naughty little fuck slut does it. By the time things are over, she'll be soaked head to toe in hot cum, and be smiling with delight about it! The only complaint we really have with this game is it's not really much of a game, per se - it's more of a flash video. But, when the action is this fucking hot, frankly who cares?



HTML Choco 2048

Choco 2048

When something is truly great in the world of games, it's always bound to be cloned. Just look at the first Super Mario Brothers game, and how literally every other game of the next six years was trying to replicate what it did. And when you're talking about web based, addictive pick up and play type of games, as of late 2048 is the undisputed king of the castle. So, on that note, here's another 2048 game that you're sure to fall in love with, Choco 2048! The game will have you tasked with trying to merge together two chocolate tiles of the same values, one next to the other one, and then clicking on one of the two tiles in order to merge the two of them together. When you do this, the two tiles in question will disappear from the playing field, merging the two of them together to form a new tile that takes their place, with the value of this tile being the sum of the two tiles that it was made up by. Make you away along the spectrum of color by moving from a light milk chocolate color to a dark chocolate as you make your way towards the target value and maximum possible score of 2048. And all the while as you are doing this, there will be a hot and steamy XXX show playing out right before your very eyes - early on the action that you see will be fairly tame, the sort of stuff that they can almost get away with on cable TV - but make your way further into the game and higher up in score, and the action will become much, much more down and dirty - the sort of depraved XXX smut that the internet is so well known for having in such ample supply!