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XMas Payrise 4 The Summer Vacation

No matter the time of the year, it's always damn cold at the North Pole, and Mrs. Claus is tired of it. This Christmas, Santa is going to have to work extra hard as she decides to head down to the tropics to get out of the cold and soak up some sun. Mrs. Claus has been aware for a bit now that her husband hasn't been being faithful to her, and she figures there will be no shortage of handsome and horny young hunks to play with her big tits and pound her wet pussy hard. We won't spoil too much more for you, other than just saying that you're going to love all of the hot action in this game, and that it touches on all sorts of tastes and fetishes. And being a title from Meet and Fuck Games, you know that everything about this title will be top notch, as always.



FLASH Study Hard

Study Hard

Showing us that the developers of this game have a sense of humor right off the bat, Study Hard shows you first hand what sort of lengths you will have to go to in order to get good grades in school if you want the high marks without doing any of the actual required course work! The star of this game, a nasty and naughty barely legal blonde hottie had been partying hard on campus and missing her classes all semester long. Her actions have caused her to have no other choice but to take some summer classes to rry and make up for the credits that she had missed out on. But, as you might have already guessed by now, this particular hottie isn't exactly a smart one. Quite frankly, she's a bit of an idiot - try as she might, whatever she's taught just never seems ot stick for her. Though it's not like she was dealt the worst hand in life - she may be a bit on the dumb side of things, but she was certainly rather blessed in another way - she's got an absolutely amazing body and a gorgeous face to boot. Plain and simple, she's pretty much your typical male's fantasy of the perfect woman, with long and flowing beautiful blonde hair, puffy blowjob lips, blue eyes, big tits, and a body like that of a goddess. She's never had a problem using her charms to her advantage, and she plans to do just that once again and make sure that she still earns an A in the grade book - and without having to cut into her precious partying time by taking summer classes! To do that though, she's going to have to put that sexy body of hers to work - sucking and tugging the rock hard cocks of each and every one of her horny teachers, making sure to not stop until she's devoured every last drop of their hot and sticky cum, and let them pound out both her pussy and asshole as well.