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Where is Miranda

Before you give Where is Miranda a try, we highly suggest that you play Dreaming with Elsa as well as Redemption for Jessica first - these two games are from the same developers as this one, and they will help set the tone and establish the story for this game, as Where is Miranda is the third in this series of games. If you were to skip out on those first, while we can confidently say you would most definitely enjoy the oh so hot and steamy sights and sounds in this game, from a story perspective it won't make much sense and be hard to follow, and will be loaded with spoliers for the first two games. That being said though, this game is most definitely exhibiting in full force all of the qualities that made those first two games so great, giving you a top notch point and click style adventure game, the likes of which you might have played back in the 90's on your computer when that genre was at it's creative peak. Best of all, this game features all sorts of steamy sex and nudity, the likes of which you certainly never got to see in those games that it tries to emulate! Plain and simple, this is a phenomenal game, featuring a rich and highly engaging and enjoyable story - but we know that to all of you pervs out there, that sort of thing is secondary, and the real main course to these games is the girls and sex contained within - and make no mistake, this game will meet and almost certainly exceed your wildest expectations of it!



FLASH ASSteroids


If you are a bit older, say in your early 30s or later, then you probably can remember spending some formative times of your youth inside of the dark and dingy poorly lit rooms, with the only source of light really coming from the warm glow of a CRT tube monitor, mounted in an arcade cabinet in a line of other glowing and beeping machines along the wall of your local arcade. Chances are too, your local arcade had an Asteroids machine - after all, it is one of the true classics of gaming! If you liked that game when you were younger... well, as an adult, you'll just absolutely fucking love ASSteroids! As you have likely already figured out from the not so subtle title of the game, ASSteroids is a XXX twist on the arcade classic, Asteroids. Naturally though, things are done up a bit differently this time around. Instead of you controlling a space ship, this time around you will be the commander of a dick. And no longer is there enemy aircraft to look out for - those have been replaced by some jaw dropping, big breasted blonde babes with their legs spread wide open as they shoot out globs of juices from their pussy at your craft - make sure to dodge this! Just like you remembered with those old arcade games, the difficulty level in this game is pretty damn relentless. Getting hit - even just one single time - will be your immediate death, resulting in a game over and necessitating that you start the whole game all over again. To have any hope to win in this game, you will need to make sure your reflexes are quick so you can dodge projectiles in time before they hit you. You will also need to be precise with your shots (which of course, are loads of cum being fired off from the nose of your ship/head of your dick!) to shoot down the blonde babes before they can take you out. It's all about getting a high score in this game - see how high you can get! Along the right hand side of the screen, there are a few numbers you'll want to keep mind of. Up at the top is your score - for each ship you take out and every level and wave you move forward, this will go up. Score is king in this game - get it as high as you can! Down in the lower portion of the right side of the screen are two more numbers - one for level, and one for wave. Each level is made up of several waves, and you'll have to clear each wave without taking any damage to be able to move along to the next level, all the way until you've run through all of the games levels. Don't miss out on this highly fun and deeply nostalgic XXX game!