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Where is Miranda

Before you give Where is Miranda a try, we highly suggest that you play Dreaming with Elsa as well as Redemption for Jessica first - these two games are from the same developers as this one, and they will help set the tone and establish the story for this game, as Where is Miranda is the third in this series of games. If you were to skip out on those first, while we can confidently say you would most definitely enjoy the oh so hot and steamy sights and sounds in this game, from a story perspective it won't make much sense and be hard to follow, and will be loaded with spoliers for the first two games. That being said though, this game is most definitely exhibiting in full force all of the qualities that made those first two games so great, giving you a top notch point and click style adventure game, the likes of which you might have played back in the 90's on your computer when that genre was at it's creative peak. Best of all, this game features all sorts of steamy sex and nudity, the likes of which you certainly never got to see in those games that it tries to emulate! Plain and simple, this is a phenomenal game, featuring a rich and highly engaging and enjoyable story - but we know that to all of you pervs out there, that sort of thing is secondary, and the real main course to these games is the girls and sex contained within - and make no mistake, this game will meet and almost certainly exceed your wildest expectations of it!



FLASH Your Rent is Due

Your Rent is Due

It's that time of the month, once again, and now you'll have to come up with your rent money, unless you're ready to face eviction. Much easier said than done, when you're a young hipster guy that's fresh out of art school, living in your first place that is all your own. As much as you love the freedom that it offers you to not be living at home, or with roommates, you did not anticipate how much it would all end up costing you... Worst yet, you've been fulfilling that whole starving artist stereotype - it's quite the uphill battle to try and find some work in your field, and even more so with you lacking much professional experience and being a newcomer in the field. Though you do have your part time job at the grocery store, it only gets you so far - even with using your generous employee discount for food, but it's not enough to pay all of the bills, even on a good week - and worse yet, as of late your hours have been getting slashed due to it being a slower time of the year for business. You've now reached the point that your rent is a few days past due, and not at all surprisingly, your landlord is absolutely furious about it, pounding hard on your door as she demands that you pay up now or else she'll start the paperwork to evict you from the apartment. You open the door and greet her, trying to reason with her, and then with a sly smile she tells you to come with her. You're heading back over towards her place, and all you can think of along the way is that you hope that the two of you can come to some sort of deal or understanding... well, that, and the fact that she's a total fox, with gorgeous red hair, sexy little freckles, and a body that's got curves in all of the right places. As you get to her place, she lets you inside and tells you to wait on the couch, and that she'll be right back as she slips off into the other room. A few minutes go by, and you're starting to get curious as to where she is, and what she's up to. You stealthily sneak over towards her room, and slyly poke your head around the corner, and you're quite stunned (in the best way possible) when you see her laying on her back, legs spread wide open as she frantically fingers herself and rubs hard on her clit, making the most sexy moans all of the while. You quickly feel yourself getting hard as a rock, and you just can't help yourself anymore - you whip it out right there and start tugging yourself off. It's right around that time she ends up noticing you, and shocked, she covers herself up and blushes. You're trying to find the right words to say to apologize to her, but before you can think of them she smiles and motions for you to come closer - you lay down beside her and she leans in close to you, offering to ignore the past due rent if you give her what she's truly craving - a huge orgasm, at the hands of a big hard cock!