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Where is Miranda

Before you give Where is Miranda a try, we highly suggest that you play Dreaming with Elsa as well as Redemption for Jessica first - these two games are from the same developers as this one, and they will help set the tone and establish the story for this game, as Where is Miranda is the third in this series of games. If you were to skip out on those first, while we can confidently say you would most definitely enjoy the oh so hot and steamy sights and sounds in this game, from a story perspective it won't make much sense and be hard to follow, and will be loaded with spoliers for the first two games. That being said though, this game is most definitely exhibiting in full force all of the qualities that made those first two games so great, giving you a top notch point and click style adventure game, the likes of which you might have played back in the 90's on your computer when that genre was at it's creative peak. Best of all, this game features all sorts of steamy sex and nudity, the likes of which you certainly never got to see in those games that it tries to emulate! Plain and simple, this is a phenomenal game, featuring a rich and highly engaging and enjoyable story - but we know that to all of you pervs out there, that sort of thing is secondary, and the real main course to these games is the girls and sex contained within - and make no mistake, this game will meet and almost certainly exceed your wildest expectations of it!



FLASH Window Girl

Window Girl

Here's one that's sure to appeal to all of you perverts out there like us who get down with the whole 'free use' fantasy. The poor girl who is the star of Window Girl has had some pretty damn bad luck right now. This drop dead gorgeous barely legal brunette geeky hentai hottie was all set to go sneak out of her house to go and see her boyfriend who she loves dearly. Things started out going pretty well, she had done her makeup up real nice, dressed in a sexy outfit, and was fresh out of the shower. She opens up her window so as to not draw her parents attention, and is doing a great job so far with managing to keep quiet as she does all of this. In her mind, she's just about in the clear, and knows her parents have no idea that she's going against what they told her. She starts to poke her hot young body through the window frame, and she's half of the way there, with her whole upper body sticking out from the window of her bedroom. All she needs to do now is to get her lower body through and she will be well on her way to see the man that she loves so much. Her heart suddenly sinks though, as she finds herself now unable to move any further, despite how much she is wiggling and writing around trying desperately to get free from the window. Well, as her luck would have it, that oh so wonderfully curvy figure of hers that drives her boyfriend absolutely wild turns out to be a problem - her wide hips and big ol booty are just too much to make it through, at least not without some extra help. So, be a good person, and help her out so that she can get free from her window prison and go see her man. And hey, maybe if you're lucky, she'll show you just how grateful she is for your assistance by giving you a little bit of a preview of what she intends to do with her man now that she's free!