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Starcraft Nova

Far off in the distant future in another galaxy, the robots have risen up against the humans that created them and have taken over, ruthlessly ruling over mankind. There's a woman named Nova, a human woman that was captured by the ruling robot race, and now they've taken to using her as a living, breathing human sex toy for their own twisted, perverse pleasure. They have her all tied up in bondage style with some tentacles, and they intend to prod and fuck her pussy, mouth, and asshole until she has a massive orgasm that makes her squirt her pussy juices all over the place. To play the game, keep an eye on the circular gauge on the lower right corner of the screen. There's an outer ring, indicating failures. If this fills all the way up, the game is over and you'll have to start over. The inner ring is smaller, with a larger section more visible, and a large T in the center. What you'll be doing to move things forward is watching the white dot move around, and pressing T while it's in the larger section. This is definitely one not to be missed for anyone who ever had some fun playing the Starcraft series of RTS computer games!