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Sexy Magic 2

To make something that is already great even better, all you really need to do is take everything that made it great to begin with, and turn it up to 11 - and Sexy Magic 2 does just that, taking everything that you loved about the first Sexy Magic and tweaking and refining it, and adding ample amounts of new features and content. The game takes place in the middle ages, at a time where those who hold the mystical power of magic reign supreme in the kingdom. In this kingdom, magic has the ability to do literally anything... and one of the favorite uses of it for all of the pervy and horny wizards is to use it to make sexy ladies hopelessly horny when they are in your presence. Through the use of magic, make these sexy ladies so hot and horny that they can't even begin to resist the thought of taking your big thick cock down their throat and balls deep into their soaking wet pussies and air tight assholes.