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Sewer Doer

Things are chaotic and uncertain as of late for the citizens of this city - there's a question that's weighing heavily on the mind of every resident - what is the origin of the strange sounds heard loudly night after night that come up from the dark depths of the sewer? A few daring individuals have brought it upon themselves to try to get to the bottom of this mystery - but for each one of them that had the courage to venture below the city streets to investigate, not a single soul has ever returned to tell the tale. You, as a drop dead gorgeous barely legal brunette honey, aren't really paying much mind to all of that. You have places to go and things to do - namely tonight, it's time to hit the club. Walking down the street without a care, despite your total lack of interest in getting to the bottom of the city's mystery, you have no idea that you're about to learn about things first hand - and who knows, maybe you will finally be that first lucky person to venture down below into the depths and emerge out alive to tell the tale - and maybe just then, the chaos can stop. As you walk, you hear the strange sounds just an instant before a long and slimy tentacle emerges out from a manhole, ensnaring you tight in its grasp as it drags you down below the streets where it will proceed to keep you held tight as the other tentacles of the mysterious beast fuck each and every one of your tight young holes.