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Saving Soldier Rayanna

You are Rayanna, a high ranking officer serving in the United States Navy, and you are asleep peacefully in your room as your ship slowly but surely makes it's way across the big open ocean. As you sleep, you find yourself in the middle of a horrible nightmare, one where you find yourself at a Nazi rally - and little do you know now, but that dream is a premonition of what is to come very, very soon. It's right about then that you're awoken from your horrible nightmare, finding an even worse reality playing out i nfront of you where your boat is being fired upon heavily by an enemy fleet. You waste no time, with your training instincts kicking in and making you grab your rifle as you run towards the main deck to see what exactly it is that's going on. About then you are able to see off in the distance Otto von Octopussy, a Nazi cyborg zeppelin octopus (for real - we're not making this up!) is there off the starboard side of your ship, and strewn about all around him are the battered remnants of what formerly was a mighty and massive fleet that had been traveling along with you - but now it's just your ship alone that remains. It's all up to Rayanna to stop this madness at once - take out Otto von Octopussy, at all costs!



FLASH First Day - Primer Dia

First Day - Primer Dia

Here's a top notch XXX title that we know damn sure that you won't want to miss out on, coming to you courtesy of the wonderfully warped minds over at Jimix Cruz Games, it's their latest and greatest hentai game thus far, First Day - Primer Dia. The star of this game is a drop dead gorgerous pink haired honey who has just landed herself a new job, and is just so, so eager to get started working at her new gig. Make no mistakes, though - just beacuse her job will be happening inside of the confines of an office building, don't get any ideas thinking that it's going to be your typical dull and totally soul crushing cubicle gig - it will be anything but that! Things are done a little bit differently in this office building, probably in a way that most of us are not used to or familiar with - but would probably be deligheted to see our employers trying this approach which would certainly boost employee morale! You see, at this place instead of the workers doing the typical asinine and totally pointless approach of sitting around by the water cooler making dumb small talk about nothing important, they skip that song and dance entirely and form bonds as well as keep themselves focused and happy at work by sucking and fucking each other! And as is to be expected, our heroine that this game is focused around is a total fucking pro when it comes to this sort of thing - so naturally, she knows that right off the bat that not only is she going to love every moment of her new job, but that she will be damn good at it, as well! After all, she truly is the perfect fit for the company because not only is she as skilled as they can be when it comes to being a secretary, but where she truly excels is handling a cock - and even better if we're talking more than one at a time! Safe to say, this girl will almost certainly become everyone's favorite colleague!