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Saving Soldier Rayanna

You are Rayanna, a high ranking officer serving in the United States Navy, and you are asleep peacefully in your room as your ship slowly but surely makes it's way across the big open ocean. As you sleep, you find yourself in the middle of a horrible nightmare, one where you find yourself at a Nazi rally - and little do you know now, but that dream is a premonition of what is to come very, very soon. It's right about then that you're awoken from your horrible nightmare, finding an even worse reality playing out i nfront of you where your boat is being fired upon heavily by an enemy fleet. You waste no time, with your training instincts kicking in and making you grab your rifle as you run towards the main deck to see what exactly it is that's going on. About then you are able to see off in the distance Otto von Octopussy, a Nazi cyborg zeppelin octopus (for real - we're not making this up!) is there off the starboard side of your ship, and strewn about all around him are the battered remnants of what formerly was a mighty and massive fleet that had been traveling along with you - but now it's just your ship alone that remains. It's all up to Rayanna to stop this madness at once - take out Otto von Octopussy, at all costs!



FLASH Park Hookers

Park Hookers

Cities across the world, take note - you want more people to visit your parks? Well, consider setting up something like this and we can fully guarnatee you that you will see a ton more visitors yearly in your parks! In this game, taking place in a nameless city, there is a specific park that all hours of the day and all night long is inhabited by literally each and every hooker, skank, and prostitute from the city as well as the neighboring areas. You will be thrust into the shoes of a horny hunk who had decided to pay this particular park a visit, with a wad of cash in his pocket and his balls aching as they seek the sweet sweet release of a hooker's mouth, pussy, or asshole. Naturally, in a park like this, it doesn't take more than a short stroll before this sutd is standing face to face with a damn sexy local and cheap whore - who has the reputation for doing literally anything for not a whole lot of money! You're so honry already, and so turned on by the sight of this girl, that you don't waste any time, and proceed to eagerly hand over a little bit of your hard earned money. Like a true hooker, this babe doesn't make you waste your time fucking around with foreplay that neither party really enjoys that much - she wastes no time gagging every inch of you deep down her throat as she masturbates, then has you quickly slide each and every inch of your now rock hard prick into her eager and tender little fuck slit. Choose from a variety of different sex positions using the in game menus, and then proceed to go wild on her tight holes! If you look off to the right hand side of your screen, there will be a meter, and then off to the left of that, there will be a series of buttons. When you start out in the game some of these options will be greyed out and you will not be able to click on them - though the more you get your prostitute friend excited and fill up the meter on the screen, well, the more actions and choices you have as far as what you want to do with her! Slam her real good with your eager prick in the park, start out nice and slow before picking up speed and drilling her real deep and hard (just how she likes it!) and then once you can't hold in your load a single moment longer, pull out and paint up her oh so sexy face with your thick and sticky load, or if that's not your thing and you can't get enough of that au naturale feeling, leaving your penis planted firmly balls deep inside of her soaking wet pussy as you feel your prick pulsing while it fills her up to the brim with your hot load, so much so that it pours out from her and leaks out all over the place!