Royal Fireworks

Should you have ever gone to a casino, and skipped right on past the tables and over to the video/slot machines to play a few hands (or more) of video poker, then Royal Fireworks will feel immediately familiar to you - but naturally, of course, with a XXX twist on it, the likes of which you won't be finding at any casinos anywhere any time soon! The goal for you when you are playing this game will be to try and get the highest scoring poker hand that there is, a royal flush from the firework sparks. Click on the sparks as you see them come into the playing field in order to collect some poker cards. If you are able to put yourself together a better/higher scoring poker hand than your opponent does, then you will be declared the winner of that particular round and you will be rewarded with all of the money from the pot, in accordance ot the combination ratio. The standard/base level pot value is $10, and once you are able to put away $200 into your bank, the game will move you forward into the next level of the game. Of course, as you get into higher up levels, the action you see playing in the background will become increasingly more steamy and explicit.



FLASH Crimsom Yuna

Crimsom Yuna

Entirely thanks to the incredibly heroic and brave efforts of Yuna, Tidus, Rikku, Lulu, and the whole rest of the crew, the threat of Sin, the ancient monster who threatened to destroy the entire world and every living thing on it, has now been vanquished and the world is once again safe and peace reigns over the land. As much as she should be happy and living on cloud nine basically, Yuna is finding herself feeling a deep sadness that she just can't seem to shake... and it's entirely because the love of her life, her one and only, Tidus, after they defeated Sin, somehow seemed to mysteriously vanish away from this plane of existence. For Yuna, Tidus will always be her one and only - she doesn't know when, or even if he'll come back - but she's vowed to herself that she will wait for him to come back, because no man could ever even hope to replace him in her heart. Though that said, Yuna is still a young woman, one in her sexual peak at that - so naturally, she still has urges to take care of, and masturbation as of late just doesn't have the same appeal to it... so instead, she's going to have a whole slew of slimy tentacles to help her get herself off real nice and good! Said tentacles will come out from off screen and then in short order quickly end up ensnaring Yuna in the slimy grasp, leaving her totally unable to move around as the slimy and scaly appendages come out and eagerly fuck her asshole, pussy, and mouth. While this game has all of it's text in Japanese only, it's really not that big of an issue anyways since there's only 3 or 4 buttons to worry about - after a few moments of clicking at them you'll likely have the controls all figured out, which let you do things such as posing Yuna in different positions. For those of us who played Final Fantasy 10, Crimsom Yuna is a must play title!