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Re:Maid is a top notch XXX game that packs in a long, highly engaging, and interesting story that is guaranteed to make you end up falling deeply in love with all of the oh so cute young anime hotties contained within the game. When you play Re:Maid, you'll be taking the role of a luck hunk who is finding himself feeling rather torn between a pair of absolutely gorgeous barely legal Japanese schoolgirl honeys. You've been deeply yearning a chance to bury your thick rock hard cock balls deep inside of both of them. Frankly, at this point, they're literally all that you can think about - every night when you close your eyes and go to sleep they're right there in your dreams. Work you way around the games numerous expansive environments, say and do the right things, and with any luck, you can have both of these honeys end up in your bed, eager and beyond willing to have their tight and wet holes pounded vigorously. You definitely will want to check this game out for its great graphics, steamy sound effects, and lots of steamy action to go along with the great and long story that the game tells. There were even a few nice bonus features tossed in by the game developers - one of which is a gallery that enables you to view various images and artwork from the game, and there's also a cheat menu, which is quite useful if the game is posing a bit too much of a challenge, and you just want to see what's next. Highly recommended!



FLASH Fake Cumshot Maker

Fake Cumshot Maker

Cumshots are incredibly fucking hot and sexy, no way around it. Wherever it is, it's just so much of a huge turn on - be it painted up across a sexy girl's face, shot across their tits, on their body, in their pussy or in their asshole, down their throat or wherever else, it's fucking amazing. Something with facials in particular too, it's just extra sexy - maybe because it feels at least slightly kinky. Sadly for many of us guys though, we probably haven't gotten to experience all of these different ways to offer up our hot cum to a horny hottie - and of all of these ways to give them cum, usually a facial is one of the harder sells to make, unless you've got yourself a full blown freak, in which case may we just say, you lucky bastard! Thankfully for all of us suffering from that sort of fate though, we can at least get a bit of a taste of what it would be like to do that, thanks to Fake Cumshot Maker. Now, we know we're a XXX games website and all, but this particular title is a bit of an outlier - it's not really a game, per se, but it's much more so a tutorial that will show you how to use Adobe Photoshop (or some other similar graphics editing software, but keep in mind this tutorial focuses on how to do it in Photoshop and some commands may be in different places/called different things in other software) to create cumshots that look so spot on, you'll take a look and assume that you're looking right at the real thing! Now naturally, you can imagine the sorts of things you can do with an ability like this - so get those pictures of girlfriends, wives, bosses, co-workers, whatever, all together and use this tutorial to paint up their faces to the point that it looks like they just sat in on a bukakke session!