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Re:Maid is a top notch XXX game that packs in a long, highly engaging, and interesting story that is guaranteed to make you end up falling deeply in love with all of the oh so cute young anime hotties contained within the game. When you play Re:Maid, you'll be taking the role of a luck hunk who is finding himself feeling rather torn between a pair of absolutely gorgeous barely legal Japanese schoolgirl honeys. You've been deeply yearning a chance to bury your thick rock hard cock balls deep inside of both of them. Frankly, at this point, they're literally all that you can think about - every night when you close your eyes and go to sleep they're right there in your dreams. Work you way around the games numerous expansive environments, say and do the right things, and with any luck, you can have both of these honeys end up in your bed, eager and beyond willing to have their tight and wet holes pounded vigorously. You definitely will want to check this game out for its great graphics, steamy sound effects, and lots of steamy action to go along with the great and long story that the game tells. There were even a few nice bonus features tossed in by the game developers - one of which is a gallery that enables you to view various images and artwork from the game, and there's also a cheat menu, which is quite useful if the game is posing a bit too much of a challenge, and you just want to see what's next. Highly recommended!



Freshman Dildo Experience

Freshman Dildo Experience

This top notch XXX hentai title will let you get your chance to fully enjoy each and every last inch of a jaw dropping, barely legal college freshman vixen who had been putting her natural, god given talents to work as a singer. You yourself are a music producer, and you're jumping at the chance to work together with her on a collaborative music project - not just for the music either, but also becauswe you're hoping that it will with any luck, give you a chance to feast on that oh so fucking sexy and supple young body that she's got - and what better way to have an in with her than to flaunt off your talents and credentials as a highly in demaned music producer? After you have ended up making your pitch to her, she agrees and then whisks you off to her own private recording studio to put your skills to work on a new song for her - but, if you can manage to play your cards out just right, she'll let you see her gorgeous bare body, wrap her soft and skilled lips tightly around your big rock hard cock, and have her soaking wet and oh so tight little pussy toyed real nice and good. To play the game, you periodically will be shown prompts on the screen to answer questions that she is asking you, and if you choose the answers correctly the game will continue on... but be careful in your choice of answers, because if you answer wrong it's an instant game over for you and you will then have to start all over from the beginning if you want to see things through all of the way to the end (and believe us, you DEFINITELY will want to!). Once you have managed to get her to strip down and take off every last bit of her clothes, click around using your mouse (or finger, if you are playing on a touch enabled device such as a smartphone or a tablet) on her body to get an idea of what she likes. Use this knowledge to get her all sorts of turned on, and before long, she'll be feeling so incredibly fucking horny that she can no longer wait another moment to gag your cock deep down her throat. After you have done that, you'll be given your choice of several different dildos to use on her... and after that, comes the main course where you get your chance to plunge your big hard cock in and out of her tight and talented pussy!