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Re:Maid is a top notch XXX game that packs in a long, highly engaging, and interesting story that is guaranteed to make you end up falling deeply in love with all of the oh so cute young anime hotties contained within the game. When you play Re:Maid, you'll be taking the role of a luck hunk who is finding himself feeling rather torn between a pair of absolutely gorgeous barely legal Japanese schoolgirl honeys. You've been deeply yearning a chance to bury your thick rock hard cock balls deep inside of both of them. Frankly, at this point, they're literally all that you can think about - every night when you close your eyes and go to sleep they're right there in your dreams. Work you way around the games numerous expansive environments, say and do the right things, and with any luck, you can have both of these honeys end up in your bed, eager and beyond willing to have their tight and wet holes pounded vigorously. You definitely will want to check this game out for its great graphics, steamy sound effects, and lots of steamy action to go along with the great and long story that the game tells. There were even a few nice bonus features tossed in by the game developers - one of which is a gallery that enables you to view various images and artwork from the game, and there's also a cheat menu, which is quite useful if the game is posing a bit too much of a challenge, and you just want to see what's next. Highly recommended!



FLASH Big Jane Birthgiving

Big Jane Birthgiving

If you're like us and have been around on the internet for a long time, looking at porn on the internet for a long time, you've probably found your tastes getting more and more 'out there' as time goes on. It's pretty much inevitable, really - over time something that might have totally drove you wild will start to seem boring and tame as you become desensitized to it. From there, really the only place you can go is more extreme, inevitably reaching the same point again and having to venture deeper into the taboo territory. So on that note, if you've found yourself getting bored to tears and totally limp between the legs playing our more typical and traditional fare, then we've got something that's deeply in 'out there' territory that is sure to get your worn out and deeply perverted motor running full strength all over again, with Big Jane Birthgiving! This is certainly a totally unique title unlike anything that you've ever played before, venturing into places that just about every other developer is frankly scared to go to. When the game starts out, you'll be treated to the sight of Jane as she lays down on her back in a hospital bed, with her legs spread wide open and a cloth draped over her lower torso, leaving those big and beautiful milk filled tits of hers out in plain sight. You might have figured it out already, but if you haven't, it's Jane, about to give birth! She's fully dilated, with her water broken hours ago and deep into labor - these kids are ready to pop out of her. It will be all up to you as the player to help her out while she goes through the miracle of child birth. Keep her supplied adequately with gas by pressing the Z key on your keyboard - the more gas that you give to her, the bigger her boobs will swell up, as well as having the ffect of making the babies launch further out of Big Jane's pussy. To launch those little fresh fetuses out of her, hit the X key on the keyboard to make Jane push, shooting out one of the many, many babies that will be birthed out of that slutty twat of hers! Looking at the background, beyond where Jane is in her hospital bed, you will see people walking by at varying amounts of distance from you as the push around baby strollers. The main goal as you play this game will be to give her the correct amount of gas that will make it so that she can shoot the baby the required amount of distance to land it safely in one of the strollers moving by. For strollers that are closer to you, it doesn't require all that much gas to launch the baby to them - but on the flip side, the ones that are farther back will require quite a bit more gas... but, make sure to be careful to not give her too much and cause her to over shoot the target!