Push 2048

We've got no shortage of variants of the 2048 game here on our website, but what's the harm in having one more? Especially when it's as good as Push 2048 is! Best of all, this isn't a total clone of the other games either, adding it's own twist from the formula - now, you are able to push each of the tiles in the playing field individually. Click on either of the sides of any given tile and it will jump over in the opposing direction (for example, if oyu click on the left sid eof the tile it will move ot the right, click on the bottom of the tile and it will move up, and so on). If you are able to get the tile to meet along the way of it's path with another tile that is the same value as it is, the two tiles will then merge together into one and the value of the merged tile will be the sum of the two tiles that made it up. Though it is certainly easier said than done, be sure to keep at it like this and work your way to the target/maximum score of 2048, and to make things even more enjoyable, all the while as you merge together tiles you will be able to watch a steamy show being put on by a horny blonde hottie.



First Class Treatment

First Class Treatment

Your youthful carelessness has gotten you in trouble, as you were doing something kind of stupid all in the pursuit of impressing some local girls. Not only were they not at all impressed with your antics, but now you have wound up injured and wake up to find yourself in a hospital room. They say that they'll need to keep you there for a few days to monitor the progress of your recovery. Your injury isn't anything all that serious; just a broken arm. You don't care in the slightest that your arm is broken, or that they're going to be holding you at the hospital for at least a few more days. Maybe it's that IV drip of morphine that they've got you on that is making it so you just don't care - and while it's certainly part of it, it's safe to say that a big part of it is the boner inducing big breasted blonde nurse honey who is assigned to watching over and taking care of you. Always looking out for you, she's everything you always are hoping for when you are stuck in a hospital bed. As she was fluffing your pillow to get your feeling more comfortable, she couldn't help but notice you getting a pretty big boner. You don't even have the chance to start to feel embarrassed or say anything, as she proceeds to enthusiastically wrap her soft and skilled lips tightly around your rock hard prick. She's such a good nurse that she'll make sure you get the full treatment - she'll take your dick between her nice big jugs, give you footjobs, jerk of you, suck you, ride you, let you fuck her pussy, let you fuck her ass, cum in her pussy, cum in her asshole, cum on her face, cum down her throat, you fucking name it she does it! Being a title from Meet and Fuck Games, this one is everything you expect and more out of them - great graphics, good humor, steamy sound effects, and naturally lots and lots of incredibly hot and steamy action! We give this one such a massive recommendation - easily one of the best XXX titles we have overall.