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PKMN Harem Master

In what is sure to not be even the slightest bit of a surprise to anyone who is at all familiar with their previous works, PornGames is back once again with another title, and as always, it's the sort of top notch interactive smuth that you have come to always expect out of them. As you are almost certainly figuring already, this game is a spoof of the wildly popular and highly successful multi media format dominating franchise Pokemon. We all know that Nintendo likes to keep everything involving their intellectual property as squeaky clean and family friendly as can be... but, well, this is the internet, the wild west where anything goes - so it was just an inevitability that it at some point would be the subject of a countless army of pornographic spoofs. When you play PKMN Harem Master, you'll find yourself noticing right off the bat that things are done up quite a bit different than what you have come to expect from the games - this time around you've put all of the constant fighting aside. Instead of duking it out against each other in battle by sending out your Pokemon to fight, this time around the trainers will be doing all the working, sucking cock, licking pussy, eating ass, getting fucked anally and vaginally, and all sorts of types of freakiness that we know you will love each and every second of.



FLASH 30 Seconds to Muff

30 Seconds to Muff

One that is bound to appeal to all of your hard rocking, head banging types, here's 30 Seconds to Muff! Plain and simple, if you love to rock out (especially with your cock out!), then you will absolutely adore this game! This game will put you in the role of famed musician and actor, Jared Leto. Naturally, when you're a guy who is as attractive as he is, famous not only from starring in hit Hollywood blockbusters but also through tearing up the Billboard charts with his band, he's always got all sorts of drop dead gorgeous honeys throwing themselves at him - and plenty of those babes who are eagerly throwing themselves at him are fellow Hollywood A-list hotties as well! You will be given the oh so wonderful chance to take your pick from a total of six different sexy starlets for our buddy Jared - this game has Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Corina Taylor, Scarlett Johansen, Ashley Olson, and also there is a nameless, but mouth watering rock star groupie babe that you can choose as well. You'll be given your chance to take your pick from one of those girls, and then the real fun will finally be getting started! Once you've brought your choice of babe back to your posh upscale hotel room, use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to control Jared's thrusting of his big rock hard famous cock in and out of your chosen babe's soaking wet and incredibly fucking eager pussy. Be sure to keep things varied and exciting by changing up sex positions, done by using the space bar key on your computer's keyboard. Your goal when you are playing 30 Seconds to Muff will be to make sure that you succeed in making your partner cum nice and hard, sending them into ecstacy with a powerful orgasm before you end up cumming nice and hard yourself. As it is when you have sex in real life, longevity here will be the key - the longer that you are able to stay hard and avoid cumming, the more chances you have to bone more of the girls contained in the game. Should you succeed in this goal and manage to pound the pussies, mouths, and assholes of all six of these girls, you will then be brought to the games' top secret "BONE-HER" round! All the while that you are doing this, your ears will not only be treated to the oh so fucking sexy moans and squeals of these babes getting fucked, but also the hard hitting rock tunes from 30 Seconds to Mars, with their smash hit song "Attack!".