Naughty Magic - Part2

Naughty Magic - Part2 game. You start college in a new state. Luckily, you have a family friend who is a hot piece of ass. She also happens to have two very sexy daughters. You get to live with all three of these hot women. The mom is hot, the girls are too, and you're a horny college student who can't help but want to fuck all three of them. Throw in a bit of magic, and you have a recipe for a young man learning nothing at all while he's supposed to be out of town studying. There're secret scenes, which start to appear on Friday night of week 7 and get more serious in week 8. The scenes only appear if other conditions are also met, such as high magic levels for Jo and Sara, or keeping Dani in the game. And they are generally optional as you play the game.



HTML Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind

For those of you that love the thrill that comes from sitting at a casino table, playing a high stakes game of poker, Two of a Kind is a XXX spin on that, and it is sure to be right up your alley! The game itself is more or less an interactive, digital take on the game of strip poker, a common game played at parties and colleges by 20 somethings all across the world. When playing the game, your opponent will be computer controlled. Starting off, cards will be dealt out to you on the screen in five rows next to each other. Your task then will be to find the column that offers you the best value/highest scoring poker hand from the five cards. Standard poker hand values apply here, with two of a kind being the lowest scoring hand, and the highest possible scoring hand is the ultra rare, highly elusive royal flush. While you play through the game, you'll be able to feast your eyes on a scene taking place behind the cards, taking place between a pair of drop dead gorgeous babes who are curvy in all of the right places. Early on in level one, the show in question is pretty tame and the like of something you could easily catch on prime time TV - the two girls are fully dressed, lightly caressing each other and giving each other gentle little kisses on the cheek, with maybe an occasional brief kiss on the lips taking place. However, should you manage to reach $200 in your pot, you will win that round and then the game will advance you along forward to the next level. Make sure to keep at it, playing and earning money to get yourself bumped up to higher and higher levels, and best of all, when you get up into higher levels in Two of a Kind, the show that our pair of beautiful girls are putting on will get increasingly more steamy and explicit.