Movie Blocks

A game that will challenge your grey matter a little bit while you use your other hand to tend to your tender pink bits! Movie blocks is a fucking great XXX game in which you will be tasked with catching moving movie blocks when they're in their closest position to freeze them still into place. The blocks in question will be showing segments from a hot and steamy video clip, and all the while, they will be moving around the playing field in a forward and backward motion. When you use your mouse (or finger, if you are playing this game on a touch enabled device such as a smartphone or a tablet) to click on a block, it will then come to a stop at the current position that it is at. In order to succeed and win this game, you will need to catch all of the blocks in their closest position - doing this will then have you win that round, and the game will advance you forward into the next level. Making it all that much more something that you will want to keep at and stick through to the end, the video clips in question will get even more steamy and explicit with each and every level that you move forward.