Movie Blocks

A game that will challenge your grey matter a little bit while you use your other hand to tend to your tender pink bits! Movie blocks is a fucking great XXX game in which you will be tasked with catching moving movie blocks when they're in their closest position to freeze them still into place. The blocks in question will be showing segments from a hot and steamy video clip, and all the while, they will be moving around the playing field in a forward and backward motion. When you use your mouse (or finger, if you are playing this game on a touch enabled device such as a smartphone or a tablet) to click on a block, it will then come to a stop at the current position that it is at. In order to succeed and win this game, you will need to catch all of the blocks in their closest position - doing this will then have you win that round, and the game will advance you forward into the next level. Making it all that much more something that you will want to keep at and stick through to the end, the video clips in question will get even more steamy and explicit with each and every level that you move forward.



FLASH Boobie Sex

Boobie Sex

For a little while there, it seemed almost a certainty that the world was going to come to an abrupt end - a giant meteor was looming above the Earth's surface, inching closer and closer with each passing moment, threatening to crash down and make impact, and almost with 100% certainty wipe out any and all forms of life. Thankfully though, due entriely to the heroic efforts of Tifa, Cloud, Barret, Aeris, Cid, and all of the others, the world is safe once again after defeating Sephiroth and saving the world from the destuction the meteor summoned by him due to Aeris's Holy magic. As you can imagine, for that span of time, it was quite the wild and crazy ride for Tifa and the gang. Going from all that craziness, to a world back at total peace, well, it's just feeling a little bit boring to Tifa, coming off of all of that. Sure, she's got her bar in Midgar, 7th Heaven, to run yet - but she's going to need to do more than just that to keep her feeling busy now. She tried to come up with a bunch of different ideas on what to do with herself, but inevitably, her brain always keeps going to sex - and that's when it dawns on her: she's got such a great fucking body on her, it would frankly be a bit of a crime to not be sharing it with the world! After all, tits as big and pillow soft as hers are were simply meant to be wrapped around a cock. Believe us when we say that you'll be off in heaven down at 7th Heaven bar as she slides your shaft between her soft tit skin, keeping things nice and lubed up with her spit as she sucks the tip as it makes each approach, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm with each and every little movement she makes with her perfect body. Like a true fucking professional, she'll work your cock and make the hottest of fuck faces at you until she manages to work her magic and make you erupt and shoot a gigantic load of your hot and sticky cum all over her. Ever the thorough little slut, she'll make sure to manage to get every last drop of cum out of you by taking you all the way back down to the farthest depths of her talented throat.