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Intimate Cruise

Carnival Cruises should really take notice of this game, and maybe adopt a page from their playbook - we bet that if they did, they would see an absolutely massive surge in ticket sales! This game presents the cruise experience the way that it truly should be, with a ship that is loaded to capacity with all sorts of different nasty and naughty sluts who are horny as can possibly be. Though out of all of these horny hotties, there's one that truly sticks out above the crowd and definitely takes the cake - and she's quite eager to get you, the captain of the ship, to fuck her brains out with your nice big rock hard prick. So, be a good captain and show how well you take care of your passengers - strip her down fully nude, get her to use her fingers on her wet pussy and swollen clit, eagerly lap your tongue across her pussy and asshole, have her suck and tug on your cock, pound out her pussy and asshole - she will do it all, and she'll do it all with a big smile spread across her face the entire time! Every once in awhile as you play through the game, you will have to solve some puzzles as well as engaging in some assorted games of skill - you will need to clear these in order to continue to advance your way forward through the story and be able to see all of the hot and steamy XXX action that this top notch hentai title contains.



FLASH Boobs Butt Shoulder

Boobs Butt Shoulder

For each and every one of us, there's always that one part of a woman that truly drives us wild, and that we fixate heavily on. Some of us guys are all about a nice big set of titties, while others are total ass men, who love nothing more than a big round booty - and beyond that, there's people into feet, necks, shoulders, toes, legs, literally any part of the female anatomy that you can think of, there's a group of notable perverts out there who heavily focus on and have a deep fetish for it. Playing the game Boobs, Butt, or Shoulder will let you put yourself to the test, and see just how well you know the parts of the female form that you just can't get enough of. As a round in this game begins, you will be shown an image - however, most of the image will be hidden, and only a small portion of it will be viewable - it's within this small and heavily cropped view that you'll be able to see a part of the famel body. Using what you can see on the screen and your own mind, you'll have to try and figure out what it is you're looking at - is it a boob? A butt? A shoulder? You'll have to give your best guess and hope that you got it right in order to advance forward to the next round where the process repeats again. For the most part, you will be picking between whether or not what you are looking at is a boob, butt, or shoulder, but there are a few random ones unrelated to the rest of them that the developers threw in the game for a little bit of extra fun. There is a total of 30 questions you will be need to solve in this game - see how well you can do, and how well you know boobs, butts, and shoulders!