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Hentairella 3

Part three in the long running top notch porno game series, Hentairella 3 has the insatiable slut that you know and love from the previous games making her return, and don't worry - she's just as nasty as ever - if anything, she keeps getting kinkier and more wild in each and every new entry. When you start out in the game, you will end up being greeted by the gorgeous sight of her fully bound up in some restraints, and all the while there is going to be a fucking machine about to go to town on her and give her so many powerful orgasms that it's going to end up leaving her feeling dazed and disoriented. Gameplay is really rather simple and easy to get the hang of - there is just one single button that you will need to click on, and there's a blinking red light that is placed just above it. Periodically, as you play through the game (which plays out mostly on auto pilot, with you just making the click to move it along) it will light up - click on it to make things keep playing out. Make sure that you get her off real nice and good, being sure to make it your mission to have this naughty little whore squirm around in pleasure as she cums so hard that she ends up squirting all over the place! Boasting some beautiful, hand draw cartoony graphics, nice animation, and heavy dose of BDSM, this is one porn game that you will most definitely not want to miss out on.



FLASH Schoolgirl Curse 2

Schoolgirl Curse 2

Sometimes jokes get taken a little bit too far - in Schoolgirl Curse 2, a simple sorority prank done innocently enough ends up going completely awry when one of the oh so sexy sorority sisters found a cursed sex statue inside of an abandoned building on the campus grounds. To be fair though, it's not like she was aware that the statue carried a curse, a curse that upon taking posession of the object spreads to her and infects her, making her suddenly sprout out a big, thick massive cock between her legs. We're talking huge here, porn star huge - and you know how much as a guy a cock when hard and filled up with blood can over ride your brain - well, imagine when you got a monster sized cock - think how much blood that will take to fill up and get hard, and then how much that means blood will be taken from your brain. Quite simply, this big new cock of hers has taken 100% dominance over her mind, and like all the rest of us who sport a penis between our legs, now the only thing that she can think of is getting her cock inside of some warm and wet holes. She stops by her friends house, and her hormones surge and lead her to pounce on her, stripping her down and sliding her big brand new prick balls deep into her friend's soaking wet and oh so tight pussy. Little did she know, that the way this curse is, it will spread from person to person from sexual contact - so now her friend will soon grow a cock, and it's safe to say that before long there will be a whole bunch of horny sorority sisters on campus with big brand new cocks eager to test them out in some wet pussies!