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Hentairella 1

Taking it back to where things all first began, Hentairella 1 represents the genesis of the series. A top notch series, we highly recommend that you give all of them a try - and they're all here on our website! The first game serves the purpose of an origin story - that is, the origin of the story as to why exactly it is that she loves having tentacles fucking her just oh so fucking much! Be sure to make it a point to be sure that the tentacles make their way into each and every one of her tight and eager holes and give it to her deep and hard until she's writing her whole body around with extreme pleasure. Game play in the game is quite easy and rather straightforward - there will be arrows that pop up that will say 'next' on them showing up periodically on screen. Click on these to advance along the action. Keep at it and don't stop before you reach the end - after all, the end section of this game is the most explicit and naughty of them all - definitely not something that you will want to miss out on. We definitely give this game our highest level of recommendation, you certainly will not want to miss out on this one, or any of the others in the series for that matter.



Lesbo Choco 2048

Lesbo Choco 2048

Here is yet another variant of the wildly popular 2048 game - but this one is extra great, because it features something that is literally one of the top three favorite things of any and every male who has a pulse - lesbians! The game will have you attempting to merge together two tiles of the same values, lining them up one right next to another one, and then clicking on them in order to merge the two tiles into one new tiles that will take the place of the pair. The new value of the tile that replaces the two you merged will be the value of the two that made it up. As you play your way through the game, the colors of the tiles will change before your very eyes from a light, milk chocolate type of color to a deep dark chocolate color as you get higher up in score, as you make your way towards the max possible score/target value 2048. All the while as you are doing this, there will be a scene playing out for you - starring as you probably guessed, a pair of drop dead gorgeous lesbians fooling around with each other. When you start things out in the game and are at a lower score, the action that is depicted between the two of them is pretty tame - some kissing, and if you're lucky, maybe you'll see them lose some clothes - but not all of them. Though, when you get up into the higher scores, they will start to get much more down and dirty with each other - and by the time you've gotten a pretty good way up in score, they will be getting all sorts of nasty, doing straight up XXX stuff. Keep at it and watch their show as you make your way up to the target score of 2048!