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Hentairella 1

Taking it back to where things all first began, Hentairella 1 represents the genesis of the series. A top notch series, we highly recommend that you give all of them a try - and they're all here on our website! The first game serves the purpose of an origin story - that is, the origin of the story as to why exactly it is that she loves having tentacles fucking her just oh so fucking much! Be sure to make it a point to be sure that the tentacles make their way into each and every one of her tight and eager holes and give it to her deep and hard until she's writing her whole body around with extreme pleasure. Game play in the game is quite easy and rather straightforward - there will be arrows that pop up that will say 'next' on them showing up periodically on screen. Click on these to advance along the action. Keep at it and don't stop before you reach the end - after all, the end section of this game is the most explicit and naughty of them all - definitely not something that you will want to miss out on. We definitely give this game our highest level of recommendation, you certainly will not want to miss out on this one, or any of the others in the series for that matter.



FLASH Vagina in the Steam

Vagina in the Steam

In the top notch XXX title Vagina in the Steam, you play as a clumsy young ninja, part of a larger team of ninjas, who have been tasked with going to the well hidden Village of Mist to steal the Kama Sutra scroll from the home of Mizukage. Your fellow ninjas decide your talents would be best used by keeping her distracted as she's outside of the village, giving them some time to search for the scroll without having to worry so much about her returning home and catching them in the act. You end up finding Mizukage bathing butt naked in a hot spring. She looks good - really fucking good - and you're feeling yourself get hard as a rock as you take in that amazing and wonderfully curvy body of hers. Wanting to get a closer look, you lean over the fence... but your clumsiness takes over in short order ,sending you tumbling down over the fence. All of that commotion has caught her attention, and immediately she's right in your face confronting you. Furious at you for creeping on her and violating her privacy, she's initially planning to simply take your life, but you having a way with words like you do, manage to talk you way out of it and even manage to convince her that she'd be much better off utilizing your big hard cock instead of punishing you. A naughty smile spreads across her face as she drops to her knees and eagerly wraps her soft and skilled lips tightly around your stiff prick, before bending over and letting you pound her soaking wet pussy deep and hard in multiple different positions before letting you hose her hot body down head to toe with a nice thick load of hot and sticky cum. This game is another one coming at you courtesy of the talented folks at Meet and Fuck Games, and it's everything you love about their titles and more, making this one a must play XXX game.