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Hentairella 1

Taking it back to where things all first began, Hentairella 1 represents the genesis of the series. A top notch series, we highly recommend that you give all of them a try - and they're all here on our website! The first game serves the purpose of an origin story - that is, the origin of the story as to why exactly it is that she loves having tentacles fucking her just oh so fucking much! Be sure to make it a point to be sure that the tentacles make their way into each and every one of her tight and eager holes and give it to her deep and hard until she's writing her whole body around with extreme pleasure. Game play in the game is quite easy and rather straightforward - there will be arrows that pop up that will say 'next' on them showing up periodically on screen. Click on these to advance along the action. Keep at it and don't stop before you reach the end - after all, the end section of this game is the most explicit and naughty of them all - definitely not something that you will want to miss out on. We definitely give this game our highest level of recommendation, you certainly will not want to miss out on this one, or any of the others in the series for that matter.



FLASH Once at a Party

Once at a Party

If you are anything like us (and weren't busy spending your younger years at bible study), then you probably had some wild and crazy, totally depraved fun in your youth - and for many of us, this happened while we were off at college. There really is something about being off on your own, somewhere new, and without parental supervision for a change that just brings out the wild side in all of us, at least for a little while. We bet that you have some crazy stories about those days - and many of them, you would be able to easily lead into by starting with "Once, at a party..." Safe to say, in this game named after that saying, these people will definitely have a whole hell of a lot of stories to tell at the end of this night! When you play the game, you as you may have already guessed, will be attending a party - it's being put on by your brand new neighbors, and they have invited everyone in the neighborhood there - there's young studs, foxy mature babes, horny and still highly sexually active older couples, boner inducing barely legal hotties, you name it, they are all there! Once everyone arrives, settles in, and has dinner and a few drinks, things will start to get rather loose... and the real fun will be starting in full force! This seemingly normal and tame parry will quickly descend into depravity, with sloppy blowjobs, pussy eating, tit fucking, group sex, anal sex, double penetration, toys, and anything else your warped mind can imagine. To say the least, this is a night that no one will ever forget!