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Get Me Pregnant

Hormones surging and making her baby crazy, Patricia desperately wants to be bred. Her husband has been unable to put a baby in her, despite their efforts. Tim, his friend, has some potent sperm though - so he'll fuck her and be sure to not pull out and shoot ever drop inside of her tight hole.



Save Your Pussy

Save Your Pussy

Your pussies are facing a dire threat, and they're currently under attack! When you play the top notch XXX game of Save Your Pussy, it will be your mission to anything and everything that you possibly can in order to protect your precious little pussies. As you play the game, there will be dildo missiles being fired off, and they all have their sights zeroed right in on a drop dead gorgeous blonde honey and her so fucking perfect looking pussy. Naturally, something as wonderful as that must be protected and kept safe - don't let a single dildo missile end up hitting your pussy - if you are unfortunate enough to have this happen, it will in turn lead to an automatic game over, making you lose the game and having to start all over from the very start of the game all over again. Clearly, you must do eveything under your power to protect the pussy if you wish to emerge victorious - to do this, use your mouse (or your finger, if you are playing the game on a touch enabled device such as a smartphone or a tablet) to move around the girl on the screen, doing your best to keep her hidden away from those ever so persistent dildo missiles that try and seek her out. You will have to have some endurance to get all the way through this with her unscathed - you have a total of three minutes you need to keep her safe... but do this, and you will win the game! Naturally, as you expected it's no small feat to pull this off - but take our word for it when we tell you that the reward that you get for accomplishing this is quite worth your while.