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Eyline's Captivity

Eyline's Captivity stars a beautiful and busty brunette babe in glasses named Eyline, who is the admiral of her ship. They were off scouting a distant solar system for new potentially habitable planets when they spot what seems like a good candidate. They decend to the surface and land, unaware that this land has already been claimed. General Drakos leads his army straight to her and they take her captive. Tall, slender, and with tails and a reptilian appearance, the creatures terrify Eyline. If only she had any idea what was in store of her... you see, Drakos and his army aren't going to kill her. No, they're going to let her live, and live long at that - but in captivity. Poor Eyline will be a sexual slave for the rest of her life, shackled up, exploited, and abused.