Cheap Tricks

For you classic rock fans, sorry to disappoint you, but this game does not feature your favorite rock group from Rockford - but better than that, it instead stars a pair of oh so fucking sexy lesbians honeys who are eager and oh so very willing to put on a nice and steamy XXX show right before your very eyes! They'll be keeping you entertained and aroused with their show as you are playing this game. When you're playing Cheap Tricks, you are playing a card game in which you will have to cover up your rival's cards with a card of your own, but it must be one of a higher value - doing this will win you that 'trick' (pair of cards). The combined value of the two cards together will then be the point value of the trick that you win. After that first one, each and every trick that you win will be summing - that is, all of your cards will be taken into account and added up together, and at the very end of that round if your sum is higher than that of your rival, you will be the winner of that set. Starting things out in the game, the show that the two hotties are putting on together will be playing out, but the cards that are laid out on the screen will be obscuring it, preventing you from seeing it very clearly. To see it more clearly, there's only one thing that you can do - you'll have to keep at it and keep playing to clear the cards off from the playing field and banished from the screen to enable you to enjoy a fully unobstructed view of what is going on.



7 Kisses

7 Kisses

You might wonder why we have so many dress up games on our website - and plain and simple we'd tell you, because they're fucking great games that are always a whole ton of fun to play, and highly arousing to boot! On top of that, we also have pretty high standards for what we will allow to get published on our website - only the best of the best is ever going to be posted by us. With that said, we confidently feel that 7 Kisses is quite easily one of our best XXX dress up games. A genre of game like that really needs to do something special to make it stand out above the crowd - and 7 Kisses achieves this goal by blowing away all of the competition by boasting some absolutely gorgeous girls, sexier than you'll see in damn near any other title. A frustrtaing trend in XXX dress up games has been to just have one girl as the model - and if you're not really a fan of how she looks, well then, you're just out of luck. The devs of this game realized this and capitalized on it, knowing the variety is the best, they put in a total of six girls in the game - but, to unlock all of them, you're going to have to unlock them. Unlocking the girls is done by while playing the game, at certain times you may be able to spot tucked away into random locations, a lone dot. It's small and not very easy to spot - but if you are able to locate it, make sure to quickly move your mouse cursor over to it and click on it. After clicking on it, it will change to a red color - and the next part you will only have a small window of time to do this in, but if you're quick enough, you can click your mouse on it when it changes color - unlocking a new model for dress up play in the game. If you click around in the upper left, upper right, and lower right hand corners of the right side of the screen, you will be able to flip through a total of three different pages of clothes to make your model wear for you. After you find a piece of clothing you like, putting it on the girl is quite easy - hover your mouse over to the article of clothing in question, click on it, and keeping the left click button of your mouse held down, drag the clothes over to her, and then when you've got it lined up, release the button and she will be wearing it. You can do the same thing, but in reverse, should you want to take her clothes all the way off - we don't blame you at all for wanting to! A highly recommended title, one that any and all fans of our XXX dress up games will most definitely not want to miss out on!