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Bukakke Song

We can thank our friends out in the far east, over in Japan for all sorts of wonderfully perverse contributions to the world of porno. They gave us tentacle porn, they gave us hentai, and perhaps most importantly of all, they gave us the oh so wonderful gift of bukakke! I mean, let's face it here - the only thing hotter out there than seeing a sexy lady with a thick load shot out all over her, is a sexy lady with many, many loads of hot and sticky jizz coating her entire body head to toe! Some of you might have gathered from the title of this game that it's not too much of a game - and to be honest, you're right - this game much more closely resembles a XXX karaoke style music video. The game will let your eyes feast on a steamy, rapid fire style montage of gorgeous babes having the time of their life as they take load after load all over their faces, tits, body, asses, and everywhere else. As all of this is going on, the whole thing will be perfectly synchronized along with a song playing, and karaoke style lyric prompts so you and all of your friends can sing along as the hot action plays out. Come on, don't be shy and sing it along with us, I like bukakke, we like bukakke!



Kitchen Fun

Kitchen Fun

If you are anything like we are here at this website, you probably prefer that when you're firing up a XXX game that it doesn't waste your time and gets straight to the point. For real though, what the hell do they think we came here for - if we wanted to play something more involved, we'd likely go elsewhere - we're here for a very, very specific reason! Kitchen Fun is a top notch pick in this regard - it doesn't string you along and tease you with bullshit and make you work your ass off to get to the point, instead it opts to give us exactly what we want right off the bat, without having to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to reach that point - geting straight to the explicit XXX hentai fun! The game stars a cat like babe who is in the kitchen, horny and waiting eagerly wanting some cock as she points her big round booty up in the air towards the ceiling. She is just yearning with every bit of her being to have a big hard cock stuffed balls deep inside of her tight and wet little fuck slit, and she's in luck today, as you are more than happy to help her out on that front! Strip her down and get her fully nude, and then it will be time for things to really get hot and heavy. Get extra kinky by using some anal beads on that oh so cute little butthole of hers, finger her pussy and asshole, and then fuck her deep and hard with your big rock hard prick until you make her cum and cause her to squirt copious amounts of her pussy juice all over the kitchen floor. And hey, since it's a nice tile floor, clean from the mess after the fun is done should be nice and quick and easy!