Brownian Motion

The particles will be in motion when you are playing the game of Brownian Motion - but we can definitely say that you'll be putting some other things into motion while you play as well, if you catch what we're getting at! Each and every one of the individual paricles that you see laid out on the game's playing field will have their own values, which will be indicated by a number on it. If you are able to get two particles of the same values to touch against each other, they will start to blink for a few brief seconds. Keep in mind though, you will need to be quick to succeed at this, but when they are blinking you will have a brief window to merge the two together - click on one of the two blinking particles to merge the two of them together into one. Once the two particles have been merged together, they will then disappear from the playing field and will be replaced with a new particle, the value of which will be the combined value of the two particles that made it up. Your end goal with all of this, will be to try and reach the maximum possible score of 2048. As you are playing this game, you will be getting treated to the steamy show being put on by a pair of oh so sexy ladies - though early on their show is tame... but make your way up into the higher levels of the game and things will get all sorts of filthy and explicit. A highly recommended title, and a great spin on the heavily used format of the 2048 game.



HTML Crawling Dick

Crawling Dick

Did you ever own one of those old school Nokia phones, the things that were built to damn near withstand a nuclear detonation, and a battery that could last over a week on a single charge? Sure, it was a much more simple phone than what we are used to these days, but back then it was great - and in no small part due to the fun games included on it, the most memorable of which was Snake. Crawling Dick is a game that you will immediately feel familiar with and fall in love with if you played that game or a similar variation of it back in the day. When you are playing Crawling Dick, the goal in the game will be to force the dick that you control to fuck himself. Said dick is out on a mission, and he's very determined, hell bent on finding tight and wet pussies to penetrate - but you are not about to let that happen - you want to save the pussies. Drag them by clicking on them with your mouse (or tapping with your finger, if you are on a touch enabled device such as a tablet or a smartphone) and moving your finger in the path you want them moved off over to. Do everything that you can to make the dick bend around in such a way that he ends up penetrating his own back side with the head of his prick! If you manage to bend the dick around a total of ten times you win the game, and you will get treated to a hot and steamy XXX show that you're bound to love. For each time that you are able to bend the dick around, you will be able to earn back one of the pussies that you had lost previously. Though even with that in mind, you will still want to be careful - if you are unfortunate enough to end up losing four pussies, then you quite literally atre totally fucked - it will mean an immediate game over for you, necessitating you to try it all over again from the start.