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BJ Country 2

Proving that you can always make what seems like perfection something even better, BJ Country 2 is a follow up to the original title and it takes everything that you loved about that game and improves and expands upon it in literally each and every way. This is a game where you'll be freely roaming around the expansive in game city, where you're on the hunt for some sexy and nasty hotties who are horny and yearning for some sex toys to put to use on their tight and wet pussies. So, you'll have to do everything you can in order to get your hands on the toys that the girls are seeking out and bring them over to them. When you do that, you'll get a chance to watch them use it on themselves! The real question here, is in BJ Country, do you have what it takes to satisfy the needs of these horny and lonely housewife hotties? This is a top notch title that is boating some great, exquisitely detailed live action video clips that offer a true high def visual treat. There's some mild to moderately complex puzzles in this game that will put your brain to the test for sure, but believe us when we say that it is well worth your while to see it through and solve them so you can see all that this game has to offer up to you!



HTML Last Brick in the Wall

Last Brick in the Wall

All too often, people seem to lack common sense. Think about all through history when attempts have been made to put up a wall around something that they assume other people will want - it accompishes literally nothing. I mean, sure, it might have the effect of slightly slowing things down a bit, but it sure as hell won't stop anything. This is a lesson that was apparently missed by whoever built the wall in the game Last Brick in the Wall. This particular asshole has got a nice giant screen going on, and on the screen is an incredibly hot and steamy XXX movie being played, and apparently he decided that no one else deserves to see it but him. You however though, have a different feeling - you do indeed to see it, and so does anyone and everyone else who wants to see it - something this great shouldn't be withheld from the masses! You will be able to achieve your goal of bringing down the wall courtesy of your explosive bubbles. When you have two bubbles end up overlapping each other, they end up getting charged up and will start to shine. During the time that they are shining, there is a a possibility of them exploding, with the explosion causing the nearest brick to be destroyed. If you hope to succeed, you will need to catch them in this brief moment and click on the shining bubble to clear out the bricks. Once you destroy all of the bricks, finally, you're able to take in all the steamy sights and sounds of the video playing behind it... but enjoy it while it lasts, because in short order you'll be moved onto the next level to bring the wall back down again, and each time you do so the video being played becomes increasingly more erotic and explicit. As much as it will be annoying to have that god damn wall constantly get rebuilt, it is certainly quite a wonderful reward to see the show behind it each and every time you knock that fucker down to rubble!