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ARIA is an acronym - one that stands for (other than hot and steamy sex!) Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault. As you are playing this absolutely wonderful XXX hentai game, there will be four sexy hentai hotties that are each members of the galactic police who are tasked with a quite difficult and risky mission - locate, subdue, and arrest a rogue captain - being sure to bring him back alive to pay for his heinous crimes. Naively, these hotties think to themselves that it would be an easy job, but they soon are going to end up finding out that it will be anything but! For whatever foolish reason, they had drawn the assumption that they could more or less just walk right in and capture him nice and easy without him putting up a fight, but of course, he's not going to be going down that easily. It is right then and there that the girls hatch themselves a plan - they know that they are all quite sexy, and that they are absolute pros when it comes to sex - so maybe, they can get him to fuck them, and then while he's preoccupied with sex and has his guard down, capture him. If there is one thing that you can quite certainly count on in this title, it's getting ample chances to see lots of blowjobs, lots of sex, and nasty and wild orgies where these hotties will take on multiple cocks at a time, and doing it all with a big smile on their sexy faces.



FLASH Dream Girl

Dream Girl

We all have that perfect vision of beauty, that sort of woman we desire so deeply, more than anything else - your Dream Girl, so to speak. We all have a bit different of a view of what that would be - and for some of us with a bit more extreme of fetishes, the number one criteria is a furry - and for those of you like that, this game is just for you! The girl in this game is truly a wonderful sight to behold - she's got gorgeous pink hair, toned and tanned skin, big titties, an athletic physique, cat ears, and an animated and wagging tail. Just like it goes in real life, with this girl you will want to start things out nice and easy with a little bit of foreplay, making sure that you get her so fucking turned on that she's at the point that she's just full on yearning to take every inch of your big hard cock balls deep inside of her tight and oh so fucking wet pussy. Click around on various spots on her beautiful body to get her aroused, and once you have managed to get her turned on enough, she will then take charge of things and climb up on top of you, mounting you and gently lowering herself down and taking each and every inch of you deep inside of her eager hole. With how well she can work a cock, we don't expect you to be able to last very long - and once you're at that point of no return and are ready to burst, pull out your cock from her freshly fucked hole and hose her down head to toe with a nice big and thick load of your hot and sticky cum shot all over that sexy figure of hers.